Donate to El Faro

Welcome to the giving page for the El Faro Orphanage located near Guadalupe Victoria in Baja Mexico. El Faro exists not only to care for the physical needs of orphans and children removed from their families but also to extend love and hope of Jesus to all the kids who come in. While the government places children here, it offers very little financial support. Therefore, they are only able to operate successfully with help from individuals and churches. All of the funds raised go towards feeding, clothing and providing for the basic needs of these children. Due to increased regulations by the government, donations are needed more than ever so know that all donations make an incredible difference.

The Orphanage

Palm trees and the orphanage grounds.A wall of the orphanage with a mural of a lighthouse.Palm trees, vans, and metal structures on the orphanage property.Walkway and patio outside of the orphanage main building.